Stationary caravans

Rental terms for seasonal place

Concerning the winter period, please note that use only includes short term stays (max. 15 weekdays), weekends,public holidays, etc.

Electricity is paid based on the gauge at a price of DKK 3.50 per kWh. Connection of the gauge costs DKK 300.

Electricity is charged as follows: All seasonal places pay at departure. All year places pay on October 1st (preferably more often)
The rental is due on the first “day of the season” (at later arrival, please contact the campsite, the rental is still due on the first day of the season).
It is possible for campers with all year places to make agreements on payment in rates!

If the payment terms are not met, the camp manager is entitled to cancel the rental agreement with immediate effect. The manager may terminate the lease agreement in case of cooperation difficulties. If the tenant decides to move from the campsite before the agreed time, the tenant cannot claim to have any of the rent repaid.

The tenant is obliged to report any visitors/guests, including overnight guests, immediately upon arrival. If you have purchased a guest card, this is not the case, however, overnight guests must always be reported. The rented space must be kept in a clean and tidy condition at all times. The duty of cutting the grass on the place is borne by the tenant. It is not allowed to lead water up to the places, waste water from the caravans must be collected in the tank and then emptied into the sewer. It is not allowed to “just” let the waste water sink.

The designated waste containers may only be used for general kitchen waste and the like. Other waste (old chairs, refrigerators, blankets, awnings, etc.) must be removed by the tenant on his own initiative – we refer to the recycling center in Struer.

It is allowed to bring your dog to the campsite. The dog must be at short leash and walked outside the campsite, any “droppings” must be collected and disposed of. Car must be parked on its own “ground” (1 car per place). In case of exceeding the speed limit within the campsite, your card to the exit bar will be withdrawn!
Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the playground. Drunk behavior on the campsite area is not allowed. There MUST be peace and quiet on the campsite every night at 23 o´clock!

We kindly ask you to inform us, by your departure at the latest, whether you want the same place next year or not. (please be sure to inform us before August the 1st in case of all year places and summer places)!

Seasonal prices 2023/24

Period Price pr. seasonal rent Electrical-connection Power pr. kWh. Payment-conditions Guest card
Winter 22.10 – 15.03 kr. 3000,- incl. 4,00 At arrival. power at departure incl.
Spring 15.3 – 23.06.24 kr. 4900,- incl  4,00 At arrival. power at departure incl.
Summmer 15.03 – 20.10 kr. 10.500,- incl. 4,00 At arrival. power at departure incl.
Fall 11.08 –20.10.24 kr. 3000,- incl. 4,00 At arrival. power at departure incl.
All year – 365 days kr. 12500,- incl. 4,00 incl.
Winter storage kr. 600,- Caravan may not be used